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Want to know more about us?  Keep reading to find out more :)

Hello!  My name is Priscilla.  I started investigating cloth diapers when my daughter was around 1 year after she became allergic to disposible diapers.  I began researching cloth diapers and was shocked to learn how simple and easy they are to use (not like the ones from when I was a baby).  Heck, I didn't even need pins to keep them closed! With my husband's support, we began cloth diapering our daughter, Ansley.

Since starting, I have learned a whole new way of being with my daughter - I began babywearing - which both she and I have found worth every penny!  I began searching out more natural baby products and have found it extremely rewarding.  I also began telling other moms that I know about what I was doing.  Without realizing it, I have become extremely passionate about taking a more natural approach to the products I use on my daughter.  Because of this passion, I started All About Baby Boutique when 36 weeks pregnant with our second child, Connor, in November of 2010. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us here or by email at  I am here to help! :)